Premier Residential Living from Architect Lord Rogers

Master architects acquire their reputation for one very good reason.

These individuals are creative, of course. They have remarkable imagination combined with the detailed knowledge of how to turn visions into reality. But they touch a certain place in people who see and use their creations, primarily because the results are innovative in the true sense of the word. Evidence of this skill, this art, stands with Maryah Plaza, Abu Dhabi’s first ultra-high-end apartment development and the first Al Maryah Island residential complex.

This is a groundbreaking work from Lord Rogers, architect. Richard Rogers is one of the most celebrated and important architects of our time.

Functional Elegance

When you see the words “Lord Rogers,” you may recognise the last name and the field in which this man works. But you may wonder how someone acquires the title “Lord.” The Telegraph, a respected publication if there is one, used the words “towering genius” in their story on Rogers as he turned 80. The writer also states that this man has reshaped, even revolutionised, modern architecture.

His accomplishments during a career spanning more than 50 years include some of the most amazing structures in the world. He has earned numerous elite accolades including the prestigious Stirling and Pritzker prizes, to mention just two. Maryah Plaza continues this level of accomplishment, transforming the capital city skyline in landmark style.

Farglory Group’s Maryah Plaza, on Al Maryah Island, is a perfect example of functional elegance, presenting unmatched opulence and glamour. It’s Rogers’s first masterpiece in the Middle East, offering residences designed to the highest specifications. Each apartment elevates the standards of luxury living, exhibiting outstanding craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

Residents experience a level of luxury and executive style in one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment options. Two palatial penthouses are offered atop each tower, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal stunning views of the city and expansive floor plans. Naturally, you have access to exquisite amenities in a setting that establishes the benchmark for living in the 21st century.

The list includes private gym, spa, and clubhouse with a zero-edge infinity pool in each tower. Choose Maryah Plaza and you enjoy fine craftsmanship, cutting-edge design, and the finest finishing, all part of Abu Dhabi’s premier residential development.


One of the words used in the Telegraph article about Lord Rogers is “provocative.” The writer notes that many of the Rogers designs have defined architecture of the time, accomplishing the purpose of architecture, which is “to enrich the joy and drama of living.” Additional evidence of Rogers’s genius can be seen in London’s Leadenhall Building and One Hyde Park.

Maryah Plaza is the newest architectural icon in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Central Business District and Financial Free Zone. Numerous prestigious international companies have established operations here as well as luxury brands. You’ll find world-class entertainment on Maryah Island along with an upscale living experience found nowhere else.

The Farglory Group, founded half a century ago, continues its reputation for excellence and its dedication to ambitious international projects exhibiting modern, sustainable design. The company operates in diverse fields including construction, finance, insurance, hospitality, entertainment, and medical care. Working with Rogers, Farglory Group continues to transform landscapes and shape lives.

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