Reasons Why You Should Move To Houston

If Houston, Texas is the fourth most populous city in the United States right after Chicago, it is not by chance. The city named after the former general Sam Houston, has its economy principally based on energy and Houston is the leader of the Healthcare sector and oilfields equipment.

The climate and an affordable access to property

The weather in Houston is humid subtropical that will make you feel on vacation all year long. As New York and Chicago experience very rough winters, Houston in contrast to most areas in the United States of America has very mild winters that allow you to leave your house without beings wrapped up in scarves or wearing gloves. The Houston skyline is very famous to be one of the tallest ones throughout the American continent. Houston Real Estate market is very dynamic and with a median rate of $1,500 for rent per month. Houston is indeed cheaper than other popular cities such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco or even Los Angeles. Houston is also a green city in spite of its very modern architecture and is home to over 300 parks. Green spaces were obviously made a priority.

The Food and the Music

Because the food is great and Texans love music, bars are always crowded that will give you a chance to perhaps meet your other half on a night out if you are single. The median age in Houston is 33 and with 31 percent of singles, there is a whole market out there. Texas and more particularly Houston has a rich culinary past due to its geography. Tex-Mex cuisine was born to this a Texan mother and a Mexican father. Between the two cultures, food resulted in something delicious and unique. Burritos and fajitas are a wonderful invention that is taken to another level when eaten while listening to local country music. The city of Houston has also sports team in almost every professional major league; if this is not an excuse to go cheer in a sports bar drinking blue margaritas, milkshakes or a tasty lemonade eating a Texan Hamburger topped with guacamole and barbecue sauce. Sit back, listen to the banjo and enjoy.

The Cultural Life

Houston has a Museum district that by itself attracts over 7 million people every single year. Fine arts, natural science, contemporary arts, all are celebrated in Houston. The museum district is worth the visit itself as guides can take you from a museum to another. We obviously have to mention the festivals and art events such as Houston Art Car Parade that takes place annually in the city and puts forward art on any type of rolling device.

If you are staying in Houston, make sure to swing by the Bayou Place which is typical of American cities. The Bayou Place is a high building that contains everything to be entertained: full service restaurants, bars, live music, billiards and a cinema. Houston is rich by its diversity and is very multicultural as 21 percent of its current population were not born in the United States.

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