Why buy a house in Virginia?

Buying a house in Virginia has always been a massive dream of mine. Why? Well, you see I am a person who likes to look at the future and calculate and preplan what happens when I grow to an age where retirement is a forced option.

Personally, I would prefer to retire to a place where I will want to wake up every day and go for a walk on the shoreline. Which to me makes perfect sense being young stubborn and independent, I don’t want to retire to white walls and heart rate machines.

Being young bright eyed and bushy tailed gives me an advantage over half the population, as I am able to see things from a different perspective, one view that I have is that having multiple properties is one of the smartest business moves you can make while you can, personally I don’t mind buying a mustang if it means that I have multiple income streams at the end of the month.

Why multiple income streams?

Multiple income streams can mean many things, but mostly it means that there is more money at the end of the month. Which as we all know can be a real life saver when problems start to creep up upon us at the end of the month.

Why Virginia out of all locations?

Buying a house in Virginia for me was a no-brainer, I used a company called Pink Pearl Real Estate and let’s just say I was not disappointed.

Buying a home from another state can be a nightmare, but the people at Pink Pearl made it super easy to find the house I wanted and made the purchase of the house super smooth and effective.

However, that is beside the point. One of the many reasons why I bought a house in Virginia is for as I mentioned to earlier, I want to turn holiday properties into revenue sources. This means that if the house is not in a tourist hotspot I will not make any money.

One of the greatest tourist attractions in the United States is Virginia Beach, so buying a house in Virginia made perfect sense.

How do I rent my properties out?

None of my holiday homes are rented out on a full-time basis, instead they are rented during peak tourist seasons and when it is the offseasons, and there are people that want to rent one of the houses I rent it to them at a reduced cost otherwise I end up going on holiday to one of the houses depending on the month and the time of year.

One of the greatest thing about having multiple properties in different states is that when it is offseasons on one side of the country it is peak season on the other, which means that no matter what time of the year it is, there is always a constant stream of income which, to be honest is the perfect way to make use of multiple income streams.

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