3 tips when creating way finding systems for parks

Have you ever gone missing while finding any park to sit and relax? Do reaching out and asking the way from strangers embarrass you? Are you planning to prepare path finding systems for parks? Puzzled about it’s do’s and don’ts?

In today’s busy schedule, we often need that perfect space to sit and just take a deep breath. Nothing can be better than a park where you can get both peace and fresh air. We hope nobody would want to get frustration instead, by not finding way to park. So, we are here with the perfect tips for creating way finding systems for parks. Some of such great tips are-

#TIP 1 – Anticipate the need –

Using Billboards and Signs – Planting the billboards and signs which indicate that a park is nearby, is very important. Because at times you don’t intend to go to a park but you are simply looking for some similar place like that. However, by seeing that signboard you may decide to head towards a park. So, pathfinder signs and boards should be used to help people make their mind visit parks.

Choose the Right place – Always try planting these signs and symbols at all those perfect places where you can find people looking for it. For example, near the gate of any housing society where you can expect kids, or even near office premises, may be people want to take that light break at this perfect place or near the railway station where people travelling to distant places may come and take a sigh of relief.

#TIP 2 – Designing of Signboards –

Readability – Make sure that the calligraphy used and the typological style used, including the size of characters or any signs used to make those signboards, is clear and readable. Often it is difficult to read that fancy or smaller words and signs and so you miss out that important information which could otherwise easily lend you to park. Also, often children look for parks to play with their friends. Make sure that the signboards designed by you are catchy enough to grasp any child’s attention.

Visibility – Not only the writing styles but also the color combination used in designing those sign boards which show the way to park should be such that the text written on them is clearly visible. For example if you write with blue color on a dark blue bill board then the readability is negligible and thus, makes it difficult to find way to park. Use light color sign boards and write with dark colors having higher wavelength to catch attention of the visitors.

Material Used – Signs boards and other symbols, if carved out of less durable material then they will easily get worn out and thus you need to replace them often. Moreover, suppose you choose to make all signs out of wood then in rainy reason wood will get dampen and those signs and boards will become highly dysfunctional. So, even if you created the right path finding signs to lead anyone to park then too people won’t be able to reach there, easily. Use some durable material such as aluminum etc. to make those perfect sign boards which can survive all the natural weather conditions and are able to stand strong throughout the year. Just use the perfect material so that you can relax for some time that people won’t be finding it difficult to find way to parks.

#TIP3 – Timely Inspection –

Mere creation of these signs and path finding boards and placing them at the desired place doesn’t mean that your work is over. You need to timely inspect whether your planted signboards are there at their desired place or due to some tragedy or mishap or atmospheric condition. Many a times weed smokers look for such boards to sell them as piece of metal to get those extra dollars to buy drugs.  At times, accidents take place at road side and cars and bikes run into these sign boards and thus destroy them. Timely inspection helps us in locating, which all sign boards are needed to get repaired. It is necessary so that no inconvenience is caused to people looking for them.

After all, parks are made for public and so their path should be easily accessible by them. Just follow the above tips to create a much better path finding systems to public parks. We hope that nobody will ever find it inconvenient to locate any park now.

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