9 Tips For Choosing The Right Storage Facility In Your Area

People need storage facilities for a number of reasons. Apart from reducing clutter from the house, you can use such services to keep some of your stuff that are not in use anymore. Storage services are also great for those who want to keep their personal belongings safe or have to move homes frequently. If you look around, there are a wide range of options to choose from, but an initial check is important.

Check these 9 tips below to choose the right service.

  • The first thing that must be checked about a service is their licenses. Every company is regulated by the law, and they must have their papers and other aspects in place to operate legally. Do not choose a company that refuses to talk of these aspects.


  • Insurance is important while hiring such services. There is always a chance of some kind of damage to your goods and stuff kept at storage units, and you would want the concerned company to be liable for the damages to the best extent.
  • Do not choose a company without checking their facility. Check some of the smaller things like the sizes and number of units they have and whether they have the staff to look after the units. A personal verification can be handy.
  • Check the location of the facility. In case the company doesn’t offer delivery and pickup, you will need to access the unit personally. As such, distant facilities can increase the cost of transportation, especially if you need to keep and remove things time and often.


  • The costing is an essential aspect that must be checked in advance. Get a quote from the concerned company based on your requirement, and if you need long term storage, you can ask for a special discount. Do not choose a service because it is cheap or has massive discounts, unless you have checked all the other points.
  • Security is a major concern for self-storage. Does the company invest in CCTV cameras? Do they have enough guards for safety? What about fencing? Do they have entry points for their units, and if yes, what kind of measures do they take for avoiding and preventing intrusion?
  • Customer support is also something that needs attention. You cannot choose a company because it offers a good deal. Their assistance and support in times of need is very pertinent. Check if the company has a dedicated office and support via phone, email and chat.


  • Do check the company’s website to find a few details of their clients. Reviews and testimonials can give a quick insight on their services, and if needed, you can even ask for a few references of clients in your area.
  • Storage units should be clean and well maintained. Check if the company invests in pest control and has staff for maintaining their premises on a regular basis.

With these aspects in mind, choosing a storage facility should be easier than ever. Just compare the services, instead of only quotes.

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