A Guide to Building your Dream Home

We all like to think that one day, we will be able to design and build a house, and for some people it becomes a reality. There is much to consider with a project of such magnitude, and with that in mind, here are some important points to bear in mind.

The Budget

Without establishing your budget, you can’t really go any further, as this will very much determine your options, and if it looks like things will be tight, you should seriously reconsider the project, as a majority of construction projects end up over budget.

Pre-Plan the Design

Rather than wait until you’ve hired an architect, call the family together and ask them to help you identify key design features that you want to incorporate into the blueprints. It isn’t very often we actually have say in the design of our home, so when the chance comes along, we should make sure that the home is designed with the family in mind. Once you have an idea of how you see the home, talk to an architect who will transform your concept into a working plan.

Source Legal Assistance

The people who deal with the legal aspect of real estate purchases are called Conveyancing solicitors, and there are online companies that specialise in Conveyancing, and once you have located the ideal plot of land, it is this person who will oversee the purchase. He might also be able to find a mortgage lender with favourable terms, and with a speedy conclusion, you are ready to look for a builder.

The Builder

Perhaps the most important of all, your selection of builder for the project is a key decision. It goes without saying that the contractor should be well-established in the area, and ideally, would have some fine examples of previously built homes that you can view. The architect and the builder would get together for an introductory meeting, which you would also attend, and together, you would look at the practical issues. Only after this, can the builder quote for the contract, and in order to have some options, it is recommended to source at least 3 reputable builders and prepare a list of questions. Deadlines need to be discussed, and once you have made important decisions about materials, the builders can prepare their bids.

Planning Permission

Ideally, the builder and the architect will work together and handle the planning approval, and with the solicitors taking care of the land purchase, you are all set to begin the work. There might need to be some small alterations made to the plans in order to obtain planning permission, but the architect would know what can and cannot be done and would design the structure accordingly.

Once the project is off the ground, any delays will invariably cost you money, and therefore, should be avoided at all costs. Hiring the right builder who is committed to working to the client’s budget should ensure that deadlines are met.


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