Brokers’ Secrets to Boosting Home Value

Whether it is on a personal level or as a part of a business plan, owning a home is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding investments that you can make. The chances of making dramatic losses are minimized by the fact that nothing decreases in value in the real estate industry, including housing prices. In fact, the current trend is of an opposite effect, with a steady increase in prices forecasting a positive future for those wishing to capitalize on the potential of this market. Th is trend would suggest that any property purchased at the current moment would enjoy either an immediate or very rapid increase in its value, providing quick returns for investors – and this is accompanied by an impressive variety of real estate & homes for sale in Laval, allowing those seeking to buy a property to discover an investment tailored to their wishes. Indeed, with this ripe time for property investment comes the upmost importance for homeowners selling their properties to ensure that their homes attract the best market value possible. We’ve compiled our set of advice for preparing a property for sale, allowing both buyer and seller to get the very most out of the favorable market conditions.

  1. Create a Good Home Space

Potential buyers tend to show interest in a home that has sufficient space for movement, with open spaces associated with a breathable, contemporary lifestyle. Given that many of those who are looking to buy a home will be considering it for their own family use, it is highly important that the house offers the kind of space that they imagine would offer an optimum living standard alongside the potential to make it their own. It can be difficult to know how to ‘create space’ in existing areas, especially in a house that is already somewhat limited on room. However, in practice this is relatively simple to achieve: try tearing down a non-structural wall or eliminating the kitchen countertop. By liberating space and creating an open plan vibe, both of these steps can make an enormous difference when it comes to influencing potential buyers.

  1. Prioritize Basic Care and Maintenance

One of the first considerations taken into account by prospective buyers will be whether the home is well-kept, especially when it comes to those who are seeking to move in immediately without any further work. Be sure to address basic maintenance works such as plumbing leaks, attic insulation, rusty rain gutters, leaky windows and ceiling, furnace and septic tank inspection, alongside other basic repair jobs. A home in pristine condition is both certain to increase in value and likely to sell quickly, so it is well worth committing money to repair works on your behalf.

  1. Go Green

The current international focus of eco-friendly living is very filtering in to the property market, and with the ever-increasing warnings about the necessity of taking care of our planet, this seems likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future. Present your home as a forward-thinking option to prospective buyers by optimizing its level of energy-efficiency, which is achieved with a few simple steps. Try replacing old electrical installations with new energy-efficient options, such as your existing air conditioning system or light bulbs. Consider the vast variety of contemporary technologies that are designed with the environment (and your wallet!) in mind, such as solar-powered heaters that can allow you to save as much as 80% of your electricity bill. Efforts to render your home eco-friendly can take a variety of different forms, with options available to suit every budget. However, no matter what your resources available are, it is well worth devoting a portion of your time and consideration to going green.

  1. Invest in Good Lighting

Good lighting is an essential addition to a home’s atmosphere, providing essential brightness and endless opportunities for positive enhancement of a room’s dynamic. Try considering installing dimmers for the potential to create a calm evening aesthetic, or maybe even totally replace your existing light fixtures. With constant discussions about the endless benefits of natural sunlight, try investigating sun tubes, light pipes or sunscoops to facilitate the presence of natural light in a room, which will immediately increase the sense of well being present in the space. Other practical ways of upgrading your lighting fixtures include fixing broken windowpanes and the use of motion detectors for auto-shut off, bringing your light fixtures up to speed with modern property standards. Always bear in mind that soft lighting emanates warmth within empty spaces, whilst high wattage lightings can give an illusion of larger space – an effect that you can largely play to your advantage.

  1. Consider a Flooring Upgrade

If one were to ask a real estate expert about their tips on how to upgrade your home in preparation for the property market, installing high-quality flooring would be one of the first things mentioned. As something that influences the feel of a room in a crucial, all-pervasive way, clean, quality flooring will also give the impression that it is a home fit for immediate use. Engineered hardwood will always attract more recommendations than customized vinyl tiles, with its natural effect highly sought-after by prospective homeowners. When it comes to overhauling your flooring, always go for a safe and neutral choice; potential buyers don’t tend to appreciate too much individual customization in this area.

With highly favorable current market conditions and the high likelihood of making an investment with a positive return, the time is ripe for those seeking to buy a new home. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, is ready to provide tailored, comprehensive advice to ensure that you enjoy the best possible outcome.

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