Building or Renovating your Property Involves a Lot of Decision Making

Construction and renovation is a process which includes making constant decisions. With the many decision you need to make and the myriad of options available, you can easily feel overwhelmed. However, you don’t really have to make these decisions at once and with the right direction and advice, you don’t have to make all of them by yourself. When renovating your property, there are some decisions you have to make.

The Budget you can Allocate

It is imperative to determine and understand your budget since it will shape a lot of discussions in the future on the design and execution of your project. As you consider your budget, take into account the whole package that includes the design and approval fees, finishing costs such as landscaping and furnishing as well as building costs. Also, discuss your budget in detail with your designer or architect to inform them about how you want to allocate the money.

Your Home’s Size

Your home’ size may have the largest effect on the construction cost. You should consider how big your house must be to suit your family.  Since building and renovating is a huge financial investment, you must carefully think about the things in a house that is essential to you and your family. Focus on predicting what future property buyers may want. Considering a smaller and more efficient house allows you to have more funds in your budget to sp end on some quality design and finishes.

A Designer or Architect?

As you think of renovating your property, you will have to choose between a designer or architect. Consider how involved you wish to be in the making the design and ensure you articulate this with your choices of designers. A number of designers may welcome your ideas while others choose to explore their own design solutions in order to meet your requirements.

Make sure that you designer has the ability to demonstrate success and experience in responding to a budget and brief similar to yours. The ability to design to a budget is a crucial skill which requires a level of industry experience. Ensure you feature this in your list of requirements.

The Fees Involved

It is also necessary to understand in details how fees are charged to you get value for the money you spend and that a misunderstanding of fee structure will not stifle your design. Fees are likely to be charged in many ways like hourly rates, lump sum fees, a percentage of the cost of the project and costs per square metre. No matter how fees are charged, understand how your preferred fee model works.

Choice of Builder or Contractor

You have probably listed a number of builders to ask quotes from.  Ensure you compare apples with apples here.  Ensure you fully understand the inclusions of each quote. Also ask the property refurbishment London contractors to confirm the exclusions in the quote. Highlighting excluded items help you better compare each quote. Government fees and charges, asbestos removal, consultants’ fees, driveways, retaining walls, floor coverings and footpaths are some of the common exclusions.

Author Bio: Stewart Naish is Project Director at TC&D Construction. As a highly experienced and skilled property refurbishment professional, he shares his wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of interior design and fit out for both residential and commercial property renovations on Twitter @TCDConstruction. An avid fan of Arsenal FC and all things creative, he is happy to offer advice and feedback to anyone looking to share his passion for interior design and architectural beautification.

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