Choosing a Bristol Estate Agent

If you are looking for a Bristol estate agent, you will know that there are a lot of companies to choose from. This is why we decided to put together this guide for you. We want to give you a few things that you need to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect company.


Before you do anything else, you are going to want to consider the experience of the company that you could potentially be working with. The longer the company has been in business, the more likely they are going to be able to do a good job for you. You can only be successful in the real estate business if you are regularly selling property. There are very few other ways in which you can make money. Obviously, when you are selling your property, you want to know that you are working with somebody that has proven that they know how to sell.

Do they deal with your type of property?

Let’s say you are selling a house. Are you really going to trust the sale of your house with somebody that mainly deals with flats? We are going to assume; probably not. You will also want to consider the value of the property that the real estate agent in Bristol regularly deals with. You want them to be regularly selling property at the price that you are wanting to sell your property at. There are several reasons why you want a company that is a good match for you:

  • You want to know that they understand the market. The housing market is very complicated. If you do not understand it fully, you are going to have no idea about the rough price that a property will sell at. This could lead to a person undercharging for a property. This means that money could be left on the table. In other cases, they may end up overcharging for the property. This means that it is going to take longer for it to sell. This means that you are going to end up leaving a lot of cash on the table. This is probably the last thing that you want.
  • A company experienced with your type of property will know how to reach potential buyers i.e. they will know the best way in which to market your property. This means that it is going to lead to a far quicker sale for you.

Meet with the real estate agent

We advise you to sit down and have a good meeting with the real estate agent. This is so important. One of the main reasons for this meeting is because you want to know that the person is enthusiastic about selling your property. If they do not seem too excited about selling your property, then do not work with them. This lack of passion is really going to shine through when they are selling the property to people, and this could cost you some sales.

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