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Small business is an integral and necessary element of any developed economic system. The modern dynamically developing small business ensures the maintenance of competitive principles in the economy, which in turn contributes to the creation of new (more efficient and productive) jobs. Stable development of the small business sector in the long term implies significant state support, primarily small and medium-sized innovative enterprises and related infrastructure facilities – clusters, business incubators, technology parks, science parks, venture funds, guarantee funds, private equity funds, programs, projects, integrated credit and tax policy. You can make use of the CRA interest relief form there.

The Proper Economic Development

The development of the economy of any country assumes an optimal ratio of large, medium and small enterprises. Being one of the key elements of the market mechanism, small business plays a significant role in ensuring sustainable development of the economy. The emergence of market relations in the Russian economy, its steady economic growth is associated with the development of small business.

Dynamics Growth

The growth dynamics of small enterprises demonstrates that this sector of the economy is at a stage of development where the efficiency and sustainability of small enterprises, the creation of new economic ties with their participation, the activation of the production and investment activities of small enterprises, the implementation of progressive structural changes in the country .

  • The development of small business objectively contributes to the improvement of the credit system, creation of favorable financial and economic conditions for sustainable development of small business entities. By 2020, small business should cover in Russia 60 – 70% of the population.
  • It should be noted that in the country so far, small business accounts for no more than 17% of GDP, while in developed European countries small and medium businesses produce up to 70% of GDP. The world of entrepreneurship is a world of opportunities, a world of creativity, creativity, and its primary goal is to bring joy to its customers and change their lives, help people, find more meaning in life with the products and services that the company offers them.

Making life better for yourself and for others” is the creative goal of entrepreneurs. Creation of favorable conditions for the development of small and medium business is one of the main tasks of managing the economy of the state. Reduction of the tax burden in this area, as a rule, promotes expansion of business, creation of additional workplaces on already existing enterprises and attraction of wide layers of the population to individual entrepreneurial activity.

The chosen theme of the thesis is very relevant, since before a small enterprise, as well as before any other, the question arises about the application of a particular taxation regime. In a market economy, tax policy has a significant impact on small business opportunities.

Most small businesses try to switch to a simplified system of taxation, and therefore the knowledge of its legal fundamentals, accounting features and accountability, is necessary for every modern specialist in accounting. The purpose of this work is to disclose the current problems of accounting and taxation of small businesses with a simplified taxation system.

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