Four Important Benefits of Using Business Storage Units

Although bigger businesses build warehouses for inventory or just open another location if space becomes limited, small businesses and start-ups that have smaller budgets must find other creative ways for meeting their storage needs. Renting a storage unit for your small business is a viable alternative to pricy warehouses letting you do daily business operations without any clutter. Here are the main benefits of having your own self storage unit for your business.

Free Up Space in the Office

Having extra space is especially necessary when you have a small space. Aside from working in a clutter-free environment, expanding the space can have an aesthetic value. New and possible clients and customers will work with a business that has organized and clean front offices.

Keeps Essential Documents Secure

Security is a significant benefit of using cheap self storage for your business. In particular, small businesses are prone to robberies and break-ins so having a secure and off-site location for your vital documents, customer information, emergency funds and hard drives can make a big difference. Self storage facilities have some security measures in place in order to protect your documents.


  • Security cameras-When possible burglars make it into the facility’s premises, you can be sure that your storage unit is under round-the-clock video surveillance.
  • Limited access- Usually, storage facilities are gated and can only be accessed through a personalized passcode. A number of higher-end facilities also have guard-dogs and guards on duty to ensure unwanted visitors cannot get inside.

Offers Housing for Inventory

A business storage unit offers a less expensive and convenient alternative to keeping your excess inventory. Storage units are available in various sizes, which range from 5×5 units for office supplies like small filing cabinets to 10×30 units for massive inventory storage.

Additionally, climate control is another benefit of a storage facility. Artwork, antiques, paper goods or films, wine and electronics would be useless when spoiled by extreme humidity and temperatures. When you have products or documents which are sensitive to these conditions, your storage unit can be set to a constant temperature. And as such units are totally enclosed, they can give protection to your goods from dust, pests, mold and rust.


Relieves Budget Constraints

Although adding a warehouse to the office space is dependable and permanent means to solve the storage needs of your business, it can incur lots of costs. When you are constructing a warehouse, you will need to pay for a contractor and when the warehouse is built, you will have to deal with utilities, staffing, insurance and other overhead costs. Additionally, when you decide to relocate your office or close business, such costs will continuously accumulate until you can sell the warehouse.

Renting a storage unit is cheaper and a lot of the costs involved with a warehouse aren’t even a problem. And as you pay for your unit every month, you do not need to worry about long-term leasing contracts which give you the flexibility to discontinue use or relocate any time you want.


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