Freehold or Leasehold Condo?

When you wish to possess a house in Singapore, you should note when the property you’re purchasing a freehold or leasehold. The primary difference may be the legal possession from the property.


A freehold property implies that the customer owns the apartment and also the title deed from it. The customer is only going to spend the money for mortgage and never a regular monthly rent. Freehold condos tend to be more costly than leasehold ones while you own the home as lengthy as you would like.


There are many kinds of leasehold qualities in Singapore – 99-, 999- or 103- years. Following the lease expires, the legal possession from the property will return to the federal government. However, the primary benefit of this would be that the cost from the rentals are frequently less expensive than the freehold one.

In case your aim of purchasing a condo is remain in it not less than ten to two decades, you may want to think about a freehold condo. This can be sure that the worth of the apartment won’t depreciate in value the more you remain. You may also let it rest for your kids whenever you get old.

If you’re mainly thinking about capital appreciation and will also be selling from the condo in a couple of years, you may be best purchasing the leasehold condo because the outlay of initial capital is lesser allowing a larger leverage.

Finally, always plan in advance and make certain you’ve holding power when prices begin to lose their freshness if you’re beginning served by a little capital.

For your entire condo singapore needs, you should look forward to having the best suitable to your style and budget. It should be comfortable, adequately located and spaced to suit your specific needs. It should be worth the money spent.

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