How to Fix a Leaking Tap

Whether it is the pool of water that collects below or the constant dripping sound which wakes you up at night, a leaking tap is annoying. You need to properly address it and usually you will want to hire an emergency plumber in Newcastle to do it. But, you can handle the adjustable wrench without making the problem big. Below are simple ways to repair a leaky tap that involves determining the cause of the leak and repairing it.

Replace the Parts

The water supply must be shut off and the tap handle removed by unscrewing the screw at the handle’s back. Then, remove the packing nut that has an adjustable wrench and twist the spindle out by turning in the same way as the tap. Unscrew the washer. Replace the old washer with a new replica. All components you removed must also be replaced before you turn the tap on.

Consider Tap Packing

When the tap leaks water around the handle while the tap is running, it is likely that the issue is with the nut packing. You can fix this by installing new packing. Remove the packing nut of the tap. Ensure the string-like packing material is wrapped around the stem a number of times and apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the packing nut’s threads and the thread stem.

Replace the Tap Valve Seat

A leaking tap may occur if the valve seat is at fault. Replace the entire tap. However, an affordable option is replacing the valve seat.  With a seat wrench, remove the old valve seat and then insert and fasten the new valve seat in it. Make sure you get a replacement that is an exact replica of the valve so that it will correctly fit in the tap assembly.


Replace the O-Ring

When the leaking issue isn’t solved after all the steps above, consider replacing the O-ring. This part is integrated in taps so that water will not ooze out of the spout. To start, remove the handle and packing nut. Then, work the spout up and down to tease it out of its socket. The O-ring is located at spout’s end. Remove the O-ring and replace it with a new one. Again, ensure it is an exact copy of the original ring. Reassemble the tape carefully. In case you have no confidence in doing this, you can always call a professional plumber who specializes in cold or hot water system installation Newcastle NSW.

Author Bio – Andrew Mead is an experienced plumber for commercial and residential properties at Hunter Eco Plumbing. He specialises in hot water system repairs and installations.

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