How to inspect your future home like nobody else

Buying a brand new home is a big task and a challenge, unless you are buying these 3 BHK flats in Pune that put all your worries to rest. You can search for a suitable house in your budget on your own or take help from a professional real-estate broker. The second option seems to be easy and attractive as you can save a lot of time and energy when searching for your dream house. Even if you take help from brokers, you can find about the details about your future home by following the below guidelines.

Develop contacts – If you are buying a fully-furnished house, then contact people who are staying in the society. They can tell you everything about the place in terms of facility or other factors. They are the best people who know ground reality and you can spot the differences, if any, in the promises made on papers and the actual situation. Personal talks with your future neighbor can make many things very clear. You might also know the socio-economic status of the people staying around and check your suitability.

Surprise visits – For any project under-construction or in ready-to-move status, it is best to visit the site without informing the work supervisor or broker. These visits can reveal the real picture of the site and you might change your mind depending upon what you see. Visiting different times during the day or night can give an idea about the surroundings, condition of roads, traffic and means of conveyance etc. These things are not told by anyone generally but you have to inspect and experience on your own.

Read a lot – Today, you are strongly connected to the outer world through the medium of internet and social media. You are suggested to read about the real estate projects and gather information. When you discuss the particular project with your broker, you are aware of the basic things. You are not required to believe in everything you read here but this will surely give you preliminary information.

Check for nearby schools, parks, shops – You are dependent on nearby grocery or medical shops in case of any sudden requirements. Inspect the colony campus for such shops providing good quality items and if possible, visit these shops. In near future or present time, you require to find crèche, elementary schools or hobby classes for young ones in the family. Locating these facilities in nearby areas will make your life very convenient in coming years. Parks, swimming pools or playgrounds are the most important places for family members of all ages. If you are expecting your parents to stay with you, then look for gardens with jogging track, yoga classes in the neighborhood.

Check for crime rates – This is usually ignored by people looking for homes. Check the number of cases of robbery, chain snatching, kidnapping, etc. in recent years. If you find high crime rates, then you might want to rethink about your decision of buying your future house in that locality.

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