How to Use a Folding Arm Awning to Improve your Property

Folding arm awnings are also commonly known as retractable awnings and they can be added to any property to allow you to control the environment according to the weather. You can retract the awning if you want to enjoy sitting in the sunshine or you can extend it if you want to create a shaded area. They work well on everything from private homes to commercial properties like cafés with an outdoor seating area and you can get your awning custom made to fit any space. This means that your awning can be a plain colour or have a pattern such as stripes and the design you choose will need to work well with the rest of your property, so take your time when choosing a style.

You can transform your outdoor space with a nice awning and these awnings can provide you with protection from harmful UV rays and heat from strong sunlight, as well as rain and wind. Good quality folding arm awnings in Melbourne are easy to find with a quick online search and you can look online to find a company that specialises in awnings basedanywhere in the world.

Folding Arm 1

Location, Location, Location …

These awnings can be fitted to any of the following outdoor areas:

  • Near a swimming pool
  • Over a patio
  • Above a decking area
  • On a terrace
  • On a barbecue area

You can put your awning wherever you want in your garden but it is a good idea to take the direction of the sun and wind into consideration when working out where it will work best.

Folding Arm 2

Cafés & Restaurants

If you run a business and you have an outdoor seating area, then you should look into getting an awning put up to ensure your customers are as comfortable as possible. You can extend the awning when the sun is at its strongest without blocking the view and you can simply retract it partially or fully to create sunny spots for those who want to soak up some sun.


There are lots of benefitsto installing a folding arm awning including the following:

  • You can naturally control the temperature
  • You can protect interior furniture from sun bleaching
  • You can create shaded areas when you want to
  • You can sit in the sun when you want to
  • You can add value to your property
  • You can take cover should the weather change from hot and sunny to rainy

Folding Arm 3

The great thing about a retractable awning is that it won’t block your view -it will block out the sun, the rain and the wind and allows you to create an outdoor environment that suits you without affecting your view out.

Protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays is important and an awning is perfect to use if you enjoy sitting outside in the summer but you don’t want to put your health at risk.

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