Manhattan Beach January Home Sales

This season is beginning in an instant so far as home sales use Manhattan Beach. There have been 30 completed sales of homes of all within this past month in comparison to simply 13 exactly the same month this past year and 12 the prior year that. Additionally, the median sales cost of these homes was $1,422,000 in comparison to $1,324,000 this past year. By virtually any standard, it is really an impressive start for Manhattan Beach home sales this season.

Minimal costly home offered in Manhattan Beach in The month of january would be a townhome near Mira Costa for $630,000. Probably the most costly purchase would be a single home a block in the beach within the sand section that selected $3,300,000. This past year the cheapest cost compensated in The month of january was $525,000 for any townhome near Polliwog Park. The greatest listed purchase was for any single home a few blocks in the beach. It offered just for over $3,300,000.

As many as 20 Manhattan Beach homes entered escrow recently that haven’t yet closed. Another 10 homes joined escrow just before The month of january. Considering that there have been 23 total closed sales in Feb 2009, the amount of open escrows in the finish of recently is definitely an encouraging sign this month is a strong one because well.

By this writing, current inventory stands at 131 homes or higher four month’s price of inventory while using total sales number from 2009. This can be a light quantity of inventory, but it’s anticipated that it’ll rise after Super Bowl weekend. The sales of Manhattan Beach homes look strong once we mind into Feb.

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