Need for Correct Planning Application Maps

Gone are the days when people had to scout for a piece of real estate. That was the time, when a deal for small piece of land was taken with great trepidation. People used to fear for losing the deal or the deal going bad if quick action or steps were not taken in the right time. People did not prefer approaching the real estate agent or company. Moreover, it was not considered an easy task as well. Despite when people had made great plans and had huge money, the industry was seldom taken to be a safe market.

Need for correct kind of map

When you actually submit a planning application for a new development or property, the local authority would probably need planning maps for supporting the application. It is imperative to make sure that you use the correct type of map. Otherwise, your application might be delayed or could be denied. They need to detail a number of areas pertaining to the development. They would be required to use data from digital maps. In case, you have not put together a planning application before, you would be required to make sure you cover every area before actually submitting the plans.


Need for planning application map

Planning application maps have been an imperative part of the procedure. The most common causes for refusal of applications by local authorities have been inaccurate, incorrectly displaced, unlicensed or out-of-date plans. In case, you do it wrong the first time, it would cost you both financially and in terms of precious time that would take to have your plans approved. The maps would allow the relevant local authority to see clearly the land referred to in the application.

It does not matter what size your proposed development has been going to be, all submissions need planning application maps prior to they could be discussed. Every authority needs a Location Plan that would reveal the surrounding area of the development. It would put the plans into context as well. In most cases, the local authority might need a Site Plan or Block Plan. This would put the development on a larger scale. However, it may not require including any additional detail.


Preparing for Planning Maps

Every time you create maps for planning applications, you would be required to have a checklist of all essential items that you could cover. This would make sure that nothing has been left. In addition, it would assist your application to go through smoothly.


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