Recommended Sites and Attractions in South Kensington

Posh yet quaint, South Kensington boasts numerous attractions. This affluent district, which is located in West London, is part of the city of Westminster. The metropolitan area is close to Charing Cross, which is south of Trafalgar Square in the middle of London. Whilst the area is considered “wealthy,” it offers attractions even for people who are on tight budgets. Because the district is home to museums, you are not charged an entry fee into any of these sites.

The Butterfly House at the Natural History Museum

One of the most famous museums that is a must-see is the Natural History Museum. This particular establishment is appealing to all ages, as it features a variety of exhibitions which appeal to young and old alike. For example, the museum’s Butterfly House is home to over 500 butterflies from various countries around the world.

The Butterfly House must be operated under certain temperatures in order to ensure the survival of its fragile inhabitants. For example, the house’s temperature is maintained at 27 degrees Celsius during the day and at 18 degrees Celsius at night, whilst staying at 100% humidity.

The Dinosaur Gallery and Geological Museum

Another key exhibit is the museum’s Dinosaur Gallery, which features a life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex, plus a large collection of dinosaur skeletons and bones. If you are interested in earth science, you will also want to visit the Geological Museum, which is part of the same complex. A piece of the moon is on display at the site. The rock was gathered by Apollo astronauts during their 1972 expedition.

A Visit to Kensington Palace

Besides this popular attraction, you can also visit Kensington Palace and Gardens. By staying in serviced apartments in South Kensington, you can make visiting any of the Kensington sites all-day events. The palace itself is located on the west end of the Gardens. State apartments are opened to the public daily. When visiting the apartments, be sure to check out such exhibits as the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection and Queen Victoria’s dollhouse.

Queen Victoria was born at the estate in 1819, and her room can be viewed as well. Visitors can see the former queen’s favourite mementoes and paintings. Today, the Palace is still home to various members of the Royal Family.

The Leighton House Museum

Another must-see attraction is the Leighton House Museum, which is located at the border of Holland Park. The Victorian-designed house was constructed for the artist Frederic Lord Leighton in 1866. Besides Leighton’s works, the home features Victorian and pre-Raphaelite period paintings.

Holland Park

Holland Park, which is a favourite park in London, showcases formal gardens, such as the Japanese Garden, and is even a home to an Orangery. If you are a lover of opera, then book tickets to a show in the park. Operas are performed in an open-air setting each year.

Shopping in the Kensington Area

If you are in the mood to shop, then you will want to set your sights on Kensington High Street, which is a foremost shopping area in London. Besides browsing through the upmarket stores that line the boulevard, you will also want to visit the Whole Food Market. The food emporium displays a wide range of organic and natural foods.

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