Selecting the Right Property in Thailand

If you’re planning on moving to Thailand, a part of the process will include selecting the right home to buy or rent. There are many properties for sale in the country, but as with buying a home in any location, you want to make sure the one you settle on is truly a place that meets all of your needs. Buying property is a large purchase, and you don’t want to settle for a home that you aren’t completely in love with. Even when you’re merely renting, if you’re living in a place that you dislike, it will affect all other parts of your life in a negative way.

Visit the Country Again Before Moving There

While it may sound odd, some people to move to a new country without ever having visited it before. It’s rare, but it does occur. More than likely, you’ll have been to Thailand at least once before, but it may have been a year or more since your last visit. If you can, you should visit again before you make the decision to make a more permanent move. Ideally, you’ll visit the city or at least the part of Thailand you’ve chosen as your new home. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s available in terms of housing through the local professionals, plus you can see if the area truly matches your memory.

Make Use of Your Resources

If you don’t have a chance to visit the country to house hunt, you will need to make use of other available resources. Looking online for Thailand property news is probably your first thought, and you can find a lot of pertinent information there. If you know someone who lives in Thailand, you can ask them to visit the properties you’re interested in and have the individual give you their feedback before you rent or buy.486504-mumbai-property

Be Sure to Convert the Currency and Measurements

If you’re living in the United States, you may see some terms related to housing that you’re not familiar with. You’ll certainly need to check the dollar to baht exchange rate, so you know what you can afford. A condo that rents for 15,000 baht may sound expensive, but it’s actually very reasonable once you account for the currency exchange rate. When looking for available property in Thailand, you might also be shocked to find that a home is listed as 352 square meters. In the U.S., property is generally measured in square feet, and the two standards of measurement are vastly different. A 352 square meter home is actually more than 3,700 square feet of space.

Learn About Luxuries

In the U.S., properties labeled as luxury homes often have large bathrooms, swimming pools, or other features you don’t necessarily need in a home. But in Thailand, some people consider air conditioning a luxury, and you’ll often find that a large home without air conditioning is more affordable than a small apartment that includes an AC unit. The country is very humid, and you may find early on that this is a luxury you can’t live without. However, if you’ve been to Thailand before and understand what it’s like to live in a humid area, you may find that you can rent or buy a bigger space and keep cool with strategically placed fans.

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