The Timeline for Moving

Moving can be stressful, even if you are just moving across town. You have to pack up your belongings, pay a professional or team of professionals, and uproot your entire life. If you do it efficiently, it might not take you more than one or two days. Those days have to be carefully planned, though. If you do not plan appropriately, you might have to take time off of work. That time off will cost you either holiday days or even cost you actual money in lost wages. Also, moving just isn’t very enjoyable. If you are going to move, you should make a detailed timeline so it goes more smoothly and then stick to it. Also, you should get in touch with talented professionals who can help you move. Here is a rough outline for your moving timeline.

Three Months Before You Move

About three months before you move, you need to get in touch with movers. The smaller operations are often some of the most efficient and most affordable. If you call a man with a van in Melbourne, you will be able to get personalised service that suits your needs. You also should call very early if you can. If you can call even before three months in advance, that could be useful. Many different types of organisations will offer a discount if you book in advance. Booking in advance gives them the ability to properly staff their operation for that day and it also helps them to balance their books in advance. They’ll give you rewards for that kind of security. Furthermore, you’ll be able to schedule the most opportune time for you as most appointment slots will still be available three or more months in advance.

Two Months Before

Two months before you move, you should separate your belongings that you think you will not use. These are items that you either haven’t used before or haven’t used in a long time. You can put them in a closet, a box, or just a pile somewhere. You should go through closets that have things you don’t normally use as well. Some people choose to put a small sticker or tag on items they think they will not use. If you end up using it, you should remove the tag. However, after a month, if it’s still there, you should donate it or recycle it.

One Month Before

One month before you move, you should start boxing up those things that you don’t use very often. This might seem premature but it will help you when it comes time to move. It will also give you some flexibility closer to moving day. You should put as much as you can in boxes, which means things such as winter clothes if you’re moving during the summer.

Two Weeks Before

Two weeks before you move, you should pack up as much as possible. That will give you plenty of time to sort everything and prepare for the move ahead.

Packing this far in advance gives you time to get fully prepared for moving day. When moving day comes, you can get it over with in a hurry.

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