Top 10 Fun Activities That Will See the Limelight in Co-Working Spaces in 2018

Getting up early in the morning every day and leaving for work is a routine that gets the best of us. There will always be days when you just wouldn’t want to go and spend another day doing what you do every day. Enter coworking spaces!

Coworking spaces are designed to inspire, innovate, and motivate. The essence of these coworking spaces cannot be just sharing of work spaces, but a lot more. Your work environment influences your creativity, productivity, commitment, and enthusiasm towards work. Coworking space in Gurgaon, for instance, are putting in the effort to incorporate a variety of fun activities into their work environment for this very reason.

Here are top 10 fun activities that will see the limelight in co-working spaces in 2018 –

  1. Weekly food events

Weekly food events, like weekly morning breakfasts or lunches, where all members come together, eat, relax, and network. This is excellent for networking and helping the members shake things up a bit.

  1. Ping Pong and Foosball table

A ping pong table or a foosball table in the workplace is a great way to help the constantly-working minds relax and catch a break. These break times are perfect for some inspiration time, for getting charged, and bonding with those around.

  1. Partnership with a gym

A partnership with a gym nearby is great for the benefit of the members of a co-working space. Regular workouts are a great way to strengthen the network, along with enjoying the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

  1. Gaming Console

A game room with gaming consoles is the perfect way to help members take a break from the routine of their work, and get back to it fully charged.

  1. Workshops

Conducting skills workshops on a regular basis for all members is a great option for some fun activity at a coworking space. Getting local experts or members to address a skill or a topic of their expertise for the workshop can help other members understand the relevant field or industry and even generate new ideas.

  1. Sports activities

Sports activities like a marathon, football, or cricket, on a regular basis for the members can be very beneficial. Participating in these sport activities will not only benefit the members’ body and mind, but will also push them to bond with others and establish strong relationships.

  1. Launch Party

A launch party where everyone can come together to celebrate the launch of product or service by one of the members of the co-working space. Such launches will be an excellent opportunity to get exposure for an upcoming business, network, and of course, collaborate!

  1. Demo Day

A Demo Day is an event for the startups and individuals who are members of the co-working space, to give a demo of their current project, product, or service.

  1. Game nights

A board game night once a month for members, and their friends and families, for a nominal entry fee in a very unique and fun activity for a co-working space. These board game nights will definitely be something the members will look forward to.

  1. Free Pass Days

Bringing in an offer of “Free Pass” for non-members of the co-working space, every once in a while, is great for advertising the working space. Exposing the non-members to the culture and environment of the co-working space is sure to generate new leads.

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