What Services Do Piling Contractors Offer?

The construction of a building is divided into different phases. The first phase is deciding the site, and then testing the ground to see whether it is strong enough to withstand the weight of the building. Ground tests are carried out and the design of the building is confirmed. Civil engineers are brought on to the scene in order to consider all external factors that might affect the construction of the building. Construction begins in earnest once the design and concept of the building and the interior has been confirmed and all preliminary tests have been carried out.

Even a small mistake can cost millions in damage and compromise the integrity of the building. The most important stage in the construction of the building is the construction of the foundation. If the foundation of the building is weak, the whole building is susceptible to collapsing. The construction of the foundation depends on the weight of the structure and the size of the building itself. Bigger buildings require larger, reinforced foundations. Piling contractors are generally brought on to the scene to survey the site, drill in the ground, excavate the earth and lay down the foundation.

Analyses and Surveys

Before laying down the foundation, piling contractors carry out analyses on the ground and soil in order to ensure that the ground is good enough for the construction. They provide a wide variety of piling services to ensure that the foundation is solid enough to bear the weight of the structure. If access to the site is restricted, the company will send mini auger rigs to excavate the earth and prepare the ground for laying down the foundation.

Piling Contractors Offer

Piling and Underpinning

Piling is a type of ground treatment in which piles are driven into the ground. The piling foundations are then used to strengthen the soil, which eventually has to support the weight of the whole building. The size of the building plays a role here. The bigger the building, the deeper the foundations will have to go in the ground. A number of different types of piles can be used to transfer the load of the building in the ground. Piling contractors such as http://www.belowground.co.uk/contact/bristol generally send their pile driving experts to the site to make an assessment before determining the types of piles that can be used. They will then provide recommendations on the piling materials and the techniques that should be used for underpinning.

Design and Calculations

Piling contractors are also brought to the site to calculate the size of the foundation, and provide recommendations about the design of the building and how it might affect the load transfer on the ground. The design and calculations must be accurate, and are generally checked by several piling experts before being ratified. Excavating for a new building site is very important work, and accurate calculations are crucial to ensure that the foundation can bear the load of the whole structure.

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